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Squire is your $49 per month
rental property team.

You don't need an expensive, outdated
property management company.

No commitment required

Just $49 per month

100% satisfaction guarantee

Squire has engaged with 16,000+ prospective tenants since 2016 and built an unparalleled process for helping owners with their rental properties.

The average landlord saves $230 per month working with Squire.

No extra fees. No markups. No funny business.



per month

Squire charges one transparent and low monthly fee,
with no other fees or charges ever in our process.
We assist with the leasing process, maintenance coordination, scheduling, and all your tenant interactions.

There is no commitment and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Rental Property Assistance:
enabling property owners to maximize their property's value by providing a dedicated team of real estate professionals to assist with leasing and maintaining their rental property
How We Work

Our team will help lease your rental with wide syndication and ultra-fast responsiveness.

Squire lists your rental property on dozens of sites to ensure maximum exposure. Your listing will excel with top notch analytics and easy online applications. You can conduct a comprehensive screening of each of your applicants, including credit scores and background check information. You select high quality tenants based on thorough and up-to-date information. We schedule all of the rental unit showings and facilitate a smooth leasing process with electronic legally-binding signatures, while following-up with each property prospect automatically on your behalf.

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"Squire has been invaluable to me... with frequent deployments, I'm relieved [my condo] is in safe hands."

- Ian B., Property Owner

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Avoid paying high fees for outdated property management.

The average property management company charges a fee for property management (8% to 12%), plus a surcharge on maintenance work performed, a fee for inspections, a fee for legal compliance, a fee for lease renewals, etc. Property management companies are outdated and the industry's fee structure is far too costly. Working with Squire is a fraction of the cost of traditional property management and you will always have a dedicated team and point of contact. 

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A modern rental team, with no strings attached or commitments required.

Property owners who work with Squire feel peace of mind about their rental property.

Our team handles every detail of your tenant communications and ensures prompt responsiveness and follow-ups.

Every account with Squire is at-will and includes a 100% guarantee, because you should always be happy working with us.


Squire coordinates every maintenance request and offers a 24/7 emergency line. 

Tenants can easily report issues at any time of day through our portal, by text or phone, or with our 24/7 emergency phone line. You always have a first line of response for every tenant outreach, with an experienced team working on your behalf. We have extensive experience working with vendors and are able to facilitate maintenance work that coordinates with tenants' schedules. You will never pay a maintenance mark-up and always have transparency with repairs.

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"We made the right choice with Squire... [they] made the transition totally painless. Don't think twice... They are awesome!"

- Charlene S., Property Owner

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Squire's dedicated team and software ensure responsiveness.

Our software speeds up response times and lowers costs. Our online portal makes it easy for landlords to monitor their property in real-time and for tenants to report issues, share photos, coordinate visits, and receive reminders. Your rental property performance can be significantly improved with software that enforces consistency and when all parties can see property information in real-time. Our automatic follow-ups ensure that nothing is left forgotten, improving experiences for tenants and our property owners.


Some Recent Articles

How do you determine a property's optimal rent rate?

Calculating the correct market rental rate is one of Squire's - or any property management company's - most important roles. There is no single formula that can provide a property owner a perfect number, but we believe that relying on extensive data helps landlords make informed decisions that maximize rental revenue.

The most important concept for a landlord to understand when agreeing to a rental rate is the trade-off between the listed rental price and the total time a property is vacant. We'll explain more below, but the basic idea is that a more competitive listing will see greater tenant demand, more rental applications, and thus on average a shorter vacancy period. A unit that is listed for a rental price that is too low may rent more quickly due to greater demand, but can cost a landlord significantly in the long run by under-valuing a property. Alternatively, placing a tenant at a higher rental rate, but with a significant vacancy period, may actually cost a landlord money in forgone rent. The good news is that you can (and we argue must!) calculate some of the trade-offs in the rate-setting decision, which helps a landlord set a price that matches their individual demand for a tenant.

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Rental property assistance means fewer issues and complaints.

Residential rentals can be the staple of a strong real estate portfolio, but the greater yields owners often see with single family and small multi-family properties can require more direct engagement.

Squire is committed to serving property owners and removing any friction in real estate investment. Our only focus is helping property owners and tenants with their rental property experience.

Our mission: do one thing very well.

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