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Frequently Asked Questions

Some answers to commonly asked questions.

  • Does Squire require a commitment?
    No. Squire is an at-will service to property owners, one which aims to assist landlords with their rental properties. Unlike a property management company, which often requires a contract and a contract term commitment, Squire is a month-to-month rental property assistant.
  • How does maintenance work?
    Tenants can reach out directly to Squire to indicate the need for property maintenance, through our portal or by phone, email, or text. We will alert you to any tenant communications immediately, while following-up with you to see if we can be helpful in scheduling a vendor visit for the property. Squire can handle the scheduling and outreach for any maintenance issues, if you’d like, and we can communicate with tenants to coordinate any visit with their schedules. You’ll be kept in the loop for the entire process, but can skip some of the routine and mundane back-and-forth required to schedule maintenance in order to save valuable time. We can reach out to any vendors you prefer, or help suggest some well-rated local options.
  • Do you offer an emergency phone line?
    Yes, as part of our rental property assistance, Squire offers a 24/7 live phone answering service where tenants can reach out and report any issues or emergencies.
  • How does the leasing assistance work?
    Squire offers assistance for both live in-person showings and for self-guided showings. We are happy to schedule property showings based on your provided calendar availability, dealing with the back-and-forth communication required to schedule and confirm your live property showings. We ensure confirmations ahead of each scheduled showing, so you can avoid nonresponsive or no-show prospects in the leasing process. We will let you know if a prospective tenant scheduled for a live showing fails to confirm their ability to attend a showing, saving you valuable time. Alternatively, Squire can send you an automated smart lockbox with one-time access codes that are provided to prescreened tenants who provide their credit cards or identification cards for your approval. Property owners with vacant units often greatly enjoy the expanded showing windows that self-guided showings enable, while maintaining a clear understanding of any prospective tenants who visit a property.
  • Do you offer a guarantee?
    Yes, we offer a full 100% satisfaction guarantee for each monthly period of our service. If you are unhappy with our property assistance, you can let us know and we’ll fully refund you for your most recent monthly charge and conclude our property assistance.
  • How can I contact Squire?
    You can reach us by phone, by email, here on our website, or by text – whichever way is convenient for you. You’ll be speaking with a member of our team who can help answer any questions or promptly address any issues you may have.
  • What if I already have tenants in place?
    We are happy to facilitate our property assistance for tenants you already have in place. Our team at Squire can introduce ourselves to your tenants as a point of contact for the property, and specifically as a resource for your tenants and as a property assistant for you, the property owner. We have experience smoothly onboarding tenants, and tenants value the ability to have prompt and professional outreach from a team dedicated to their property.
  • Do you collect rent?
    No, but we can assist you in establishing a secure framework for online rent collection between you and your tenants. You can enjoy direct payments from your tenants, without an intermediary or the customary delays one experiences with a third-party rent collector.
  • How does the lease signing process work?
    Once you have approved a tenant for your property, we can facilitate a digital lease signing between you and your tenant using industry-leading digital signature software, which is both quicker and more convenient than in-person lease signings. While we do not provide legal advice or serve as counterparty in any lease agreement, we can gladly assist you in the lease execution process and have valuable references that you can refer to for a smoother leasing process.
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